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Welcome to
Unlock Digital 


We’re on a mission to give young Londoners the digital skills they need to achieve their dreams.


Discover opportunities to learn and build your career with our Digital Skills Map. 

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About Us

Unlock Digital was founded by Daniel Korski, a technology entrepreneur and Wol Kolade CBE, CEO of Livingbridge VC LLP, following a report commissioned in 2022. 

We aim to solve this problem through:


- The London Digital Skills Map - Access to Digital Courses.

- Targeted Laptop Distribution - Donation drive.

- Innovative Engagement – Maintain youth commitment to digital upskilling.


Take a look at our map to find out about the digital skills opportunities near you. 
Unlock Digital. Unlock your Future. Unlock the World.

Unlock Digital
Unlock Digital

Our Mission

Increase all young people’s access to digital skills opportunities through our digital skills map.

Work with businesses and communities to get laptops and provide them to young people who need them the most.

Innovative engagement solutions through tailored training to disadvantaged communities.

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Unlock Digital helps young Londoners to find digital skill opportunities to empower them to succeed.


We are addressing this widening digital gap by promoting the many opportunities through a Digital Skills Map, providing access to technology and using innovative ways to maintain engagement. 

Partners, supporters and users you can make that difference by getting involved. 


Get On The Map

The Digital Skills Map aims to provide quality digital skill building resources to young Londoners.


It contains over 200 opportunities in and around London - ranging from college courses, tech-bootcamps, and short courses.


It's a go-to platform for young Londoners to connect with digital skills opportunities in their community.

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Donate Laptops

Partners, supporters and users you can make that difference by donating laptops so young Londoners can get on the courses.


We provide full details on how the laptops will be wiped and processed to government standards to be used by young Londoners on digital skills courses and will feedback with outcomes/case studies to all our donors.

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